Emotional Theater Workshop

The Emotional Theater Workshop is a project of social contact and promotion of mental health. A free activity to improve self-knowledge, connect with one’s own feelings and needs, and help to identify and express emotions in a conscious and assertive way.

Based on the recognition of theater as a tool for personal growth and the therapeutic value of creativity and free expression, the workshop works to improve the management of our emotions, overcome shyness, lose fear and shame sharing experiences and learn to relate better to others and to ourselves.

The places of the workshop have been distributed with the neighborhood, half for the neighbors of Sant Andreu and half for ActivaMent’s members.


* Improve the quality of life of the people who perform the workshop, increasing their capacity to manage their own emotions and to give assertive answers to potentially conflictive situations.

* Reduce Social Stigma and self-stigma associated with mental disorders, breaking prejudices through social contact.

* Contribute to the social cohesion of the community, recognizing the value of all people, with or without a diagnosis.

* To promote the development of social skills and the capacity for social relations of all the participants.

* Encourage empowerment, self-esteem, resilience and the potential of each person. Awareness of weaknesses and strategies to improve them.


To achieve these goals, body expression and creative staging are used, using as techniques:

* Theatrical improvisation

* The Scenic Game

* The Therapeutic Theater

* Integrative Body Therapy


The activity has been carried out in collaboration with the Ateneu la Harmonia, who manage the Casal de Barri Sant Andreu, a sociocultural equipment of the Fabra i Coats enclosure; A space that promotes participatory activities, understanding culture as a tool for individual and collective transformation.


The Emotional Theater Workshop is given once a week, with a duration of two hours, every Monday from 11am.

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