Healthy Cooking Workshop

The Healthy Cooking Workshop is a Project of Social Contact and Health Promotion, designed to acquire healthy eating habits. It is a free activity open to the neighborhood and all the people who want to attend.

Cooking is a skill to lead an autonomous and self-sufficient life. Taking care of oneself causes anyone to increase their awareness of one’s health. It helps to have daily routines and is socially enriching: going out to shop daily, meeting neighbors and socializing. In addition, proper nutrition has a major impact on overall health and mental health, in particular.


* Improve the quality of life of the people who conduct the cooking workshop, learning how to lead healthy nutrition and improving their social skills.

* Promote the social integration of people with a mental disorder, combating stigma and self-stigma that hampers recovery and development of their abilities.

* Promote the empowerment of people with mental disorders, offering them the tools to develop their autonomy and improve self-esteem.


The activity has been developed in two quarters. Each of them in 8 sessions of 3 hours each, during the months of June and July. It has had 7 practical classes and 1 theoretical class on healthy eating.

In each class there are small work teams that have to prepare a series of three recipes together. This teamwork encourages the acquisition, recovery or development of social skills, encouraging conversations, sharing with other people each day, working as a team, etc.

The practical classes are developed by selecting, cleaning and preparing the ingredients, explaining the origin and preparation of those unusual in our culinary culture, imparting practical knowledge of food hygiene, and defining the organoleptic characteristics before and after treatment.

The recipes are sent a few days before the class by e-mail to the students and the didactic material of the conceptual part is sent by email the day after the theoretical class, which is when the student can review and is more prepared to interpret it .

At the end a comparison of the same dish cooked by each of the groups is done, which serves to reconstruct what is the best way to cook it, explaining how each group has done it.


During the first quarter, the activity was carried out at the Centre Cívic El Surtidor, located in the neighborhood of Poble Sec. During the second quarter, the activity was carried out at the Centre Cívic Villa Florida, located in Sant Gervasi .

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