Activities and Projects

At ActivaMent, we coordinate several activities and projects to meet our members’ needs and achieve our association’s prime objectives. You can take part in the following:

Our Self-Management:

ActivaMent is not a service. Therefore our mission is not to offer activities and workshops. On the other side, we define ourselves as an Active Group which is entirely self-funding. In this way, all entity’s activities and duties are performed by us: people who volunteer during or after any mental disorder experience. Then you can also participate in ActivaMent’s fundraising system by taking part in some of its areas: communication and diffusion, welcome centre and human resources, files and database, fundraising and economic management, etc. If you are interested in collaborating on an area in which you have not been before, we provide you with support and guiding throughout your training.

Mutual Aid Groups (MAG):

Mutual Aid Group or MAG are open to those of our members who have faced or are facing mental disorder and want to share their life experiences with others in the same situation. It’s a space where to hear and be heard, where to offer and receive support, where to be understood and where to come together to build a supportive social environment.

Forum Cinema:

Forum Cinema is a shared activity with the Socio-cultural association Radio Nikosia and Inclusive Leisure Association Saräu. It is a project where people can enjoy and reflect upon a series of selected films about several issues such as people’s empowerment and how they overcome mental disorder, psychiatric institutions, the negative impact of stigma and discrimination, the defence of the rights of marginalised groups and active minorities, etc. Forum cinema allows us to have a good time while learning how to make a more inclusive and fearer world.

Digital Literacy:

Digital Literacy is project aimed to offer the possibility of teaching people forming our collective how to navigate, communicate and deal in virtual environments: using email, social networks, sources for searching news, virtual forums, etc. Our objectives and ways of understanding the association movement broadly require all our members at ActivaMent to be able both to speak out and to develop active citizenship. In this respect, 2.0 tools are essential today.

Discussion Group:

The Discussion Group is an activity designed to reflect and share our own ideas so that we can learn together collectively about issues affecting our members. For instance, people’s role in their own recovery process, pharmaceutical industry, associations of people with mental health disorders, the empowerment process and the exercise of active citizenship, etc. A specific issue is usually brought at each session, a few initial premises to start the reflection; so that the discussion is open to everyone that wish to express their opinions, give their critiques and present their proposals.

People like you:

People like You project is envisaged for the diffusion of “the other side” of mental disorder; an accurate picture quite different from the one showed by the media. It is about sharing real life stories of people who, despite suffering from mental disorder, have recovered and/or have learned how to continue to live a full active autonomous life within society. These are all personal accounts on self-improvement, growth and learning.


Obertament is a campaign to fight stigma and discrimination against people with mental illness. It is an initiative promoted by public administrations of Catalonia (Catalonia Government, Barcelona Provincial Council and Barcelona City Council), with the economic support of “Obra Social la Caixa” of CaixaBank and the participation of all mental health sectors. From ActivaMent, we join the fight by being volunteer workers and providing all the necessary resources for the diffusion of Obertament’s programs and projects.

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