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Social contact workshops are a handful of free activities, opened to neighbourhood, which are offered from some Civic Centres in Barcelona and all other towns where ActivaMent works. They’re workshops and artistic/expressive activities, whose purpose is helping to acquire a new apprenticeship, sharing with other people, develop creativity, express one’s emotions and/or improve our health. They have been conceived as personal growing tools, and also to promote social inclusion and to change preconceptions and remove discrimination for mental health reasons.


It’s not necessary to have been diagnosed to join any of our workshops, neither belonging to ActivaMent. Promotion of horizontal interplay, developing an equal role, is, actually, a distinctive character of these activities, which make possible to all participants to carry out a cooperative action with a common objective. Apprenticeships offered by these workshops are useful for all people, with or without a mental disorder diagnose.

Currently, 11 workshops are being held in 4 territories:


Barcelona Head Office:

  • Forum Cinema
  • Emotional Theatre Workshop
  • Healthy Cooking Workshop

Gramenet Deputation:

  • Draw and Painting Atelier
  • Iniciation into Yoga Workshop

Granollers Deputation:

Berguedà Deputation:

  • Social Theatre Workshop
  • Hiking Club

If you’re interested in any of these activities, please contact with H.O. in Barcelona or any of our branches and join up. We’re waiting for you!

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