People Like You

The Media only show one side of mental disorder: of those who find themselves going through a mental health crisis or being institutionalised, in a dependency situation, with both no autonomy and no recovery.

This is not an accurate picture of mental health: the majority of us, people experiencing mental disorder, make a complete recovery.

Being recovered does not mean being cured. Many of us have to learn to cope with a chronic disorder. We live, though, our lives to the full, with its joys and difficulties, like everyone else’s who has been diagnosed or not with a mental health condition.

Would you like to show the world the “other face” of mental disorder? Do you want society to change its distorted image about us?

Come out the closet! Get involved in the project People like You

What is the People like You Project about?

This project is envisaged for the diffusion of an accurate picture of both what it is and what it means to experience or have experienced mental disorder. In People like You you will find real-life stories on self-improvement, growth and learning. It is necessary to show that to overcome the difficulties and forge ahead is usually possible.

There has been enough of bad reporting of mental distress as a curse. This is a pernicious idea which, apart from provoking fear, shame and isolation, it also makes the recovery more difficult.

Do you feel like taking part by sharing your personal life story? Please, contact us, send us what you think is for the world to hear. We will publish your story to help spread it far and wide.

How can you participate in People like You?

Email us at activament@activament.org

Call us on 666 89 04 12

Or come along to meet us at C/ Rocafort 242, Bis, 3 B. Barcelona.

We will hear your personal account and spread it to the world.

Visit our site and find out about the stories of other People like You

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