Mutual Aid Groups (MAG)

What is a Mutual Aid Group (MAG)?

ActivaMent A Mutual Aid Group (MAG) is a space where people, sharing a similar problem or a difficult time, meet to try to overcome and improve their personal situation.

In our case, we are people who, having experienced mental disorder, organise informal meetings every week in order to explain and share our experiences, getting mutual support. Not only we discuss issues related to mental disorder, but we also do about different aspects of our every-day life.

What are ActivaMent’s Mutual Aid Groups like?

Our Mutual Aid Group’s distinctive features are the following:

* People participating have experienced or are experiencing a mental health problem. This means the no presence of professionals or relatives at the MAG.

* No one governs our MAGs. ActivaMent’s members’ word and will have equal worth. Despite starting meetings with a person as a moderator who controls speaking time, it is about everyone learns about dealing with group dynamics.

* Everyone is free to speak and/or to be silent, to express his/her own feelings and emotions without censorship or reprisals. Mutual respect, confidentiality of testimonial information and the commitment to attend meetings are the only ground rules governing MAG.

What can you find at ActivaMent’s MAG?

If you take part in a MAG, you can find understanding and face-to-face support from people who know about living with mental disorder. It’s a space where no one will judge you or tell you how you should be. Furthermore, you can meet new people who share your life experience. You can also express yourself freely, heard and be heard, learn more about yourself and the others regarding mental disorder and, finally, you can get to know someone who becomes a friend.

Would you like to get involved in an ActivaMent’s MAG?

We are currently having an open enrolment period for the MAGs in the morning shift (Friday from 11:00 to 13:00h) and in the evening shift (Monday from 18:00 to 20:00h).

If you are willing to take part: call us on (0034) 666 89 04 12 from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 20:00h, or come along to meet us at: C/ Rocafort, 242 Bis, 3r B, Barcelona. You can find us on Monday and Tuesday afternoon and on Friday morning.

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