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FanAct is a project of social contact and promotion of creative skills.

It is an activity open to all people who want to participate. It is about promoting the collective creation of a non-professional publication, published as a team. The content includes photography, illustration, collage, painting, comic strip, comic, poetry and story.

Our magazine is a social issue and each issue is dedicated to a specific issue that is decided on a community basis. The collaborations are free and specific to each person who participates. The decision that should be included and what is not, is taken by consensus, in a meeting. This dynamic fosters a peer-to-peer relationship among all the people who are part, all having the same voice and vote.


  • Through biweekly meetings, the creative approach to the topic is decided and outlined, the collection of material is coordinated and the suitability of the material is agreed upon.
  • Group decision of what to publish and what not.
  • Layout and digital edition accessible on the internet.
  • Print edition and subsequent distribution and dissemination.

This project is aimed at the general population regardless of age, social status and / or health status.

If you want to participate, write to fanzine@activament.org 

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