Forum Cinema

Forum Cinema is a sharing activity for enjoyment and reflection. After the screening of a series of selected films, a gathering is organised for all to discuss several issues affecting people in our group.


Through this workshop, we mean to allow people attending to express their personal ideas, reflections and proposals regarding the following topics:

* The importance of human relationships in Mental Health care.

* People’s role in their own recovery process.

* Stigma and Self-stigma.

* Empowerment in Mental Health.

* The Psychiatric Institution and the Pharmacological Industry.

* Active Minorities and the defence of the rights of those experiencing any form of discrimination.

* Social Movements and the strength of Collective Organization.

Every session’s film is both previously introduced, by exposing the reasons why it has been selected, and afterwards followed by a later discussion and reflection. Both film introductions and ideas generated during the brainstorming session are disseminated through our social networks.

Forum Cinema is a shared project organised together with the Socio-cultural Association Radio Nikosia, ActivaMent Cataluña Asociación and Inclusive Leisure Association Saräu 

With the support of:

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