Digital Literacy

What is Digital Literacy?

Digital Literacy is a training which allows you to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in using new information and communication technologies (ICTs.)

Furthermore, Digital Literacy is an instrument for social inclusion. In this respect, it is not only about learning technological skills but also the opportunities given for improving people’s quality of life, broadly speaking, and especially those with mental health problems.

Precisely, ICTs allow people:

* To stay informed.

* To resolve both doubts and personal difficulties.

* To master new communication channels.

* To establish and maintain new links.

* To be an active part of a group.

* To make you heard.

In other words, with Digital Literacy new tools may be acquired in order to give an answer to the needs of information, relationship and communication; all they unmet needs for many people in our collective.

What is taught in the Digital Literacy Courses at ActivaMent?

On the one hand, it is taught basic software knowledge to make computers easier to use, as well as an introduction to some computer programs for daily life: word-processing, e-mailing, internet browsers, news subscriptions, networking, etc.

On the other hand, courses allow not only to overcome fear of new technologies but also to learn how to interact with a new digital environment so that people can be active as citizens thanks to the tools given by this especial context.

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