Highway to Mental Health, Project Presentation

From September 2019 to August 2021 ActivaMent is a partner in the project Highway to Mental Health, a Strategic Partnership that aims to increase the capacity of youth-workers and organizations in the mental health field to work towards the development of Emotional Resilience in youth.

ActivaMent has teamed up with three other organizations from Europe: Hugarafl from Iceland, MinteForte from Romania and Progres from Poland, all three organizations with ample and rich experience in the mental health field to develop innovative educational resources for promoting the mental health of youth by tackling the wide and rich topic of Emotional Resilience through non-formal, experiential learning.

Financed by the European Commission, through the Erasmus+ Programme, the project is funded through the Icelandic National Agency (RANNIS) under KA2, Strategic Partnerships, with the number 2019-2-IS01-KA205-051181.

Through this project, in cooperation with the experts from the four organizations, we will create two innovative intellectual outputs, a handbook and an e-learning platform for mental health promotion, that are meant to be used directly by the youth-workers in their communities, with their people, focused on the topic of Emotional Resilience.

These will contain methods, tools and activities that can be easily carried out by any youth-worker, these educational tools will be created so that they can be used in diverse settings, and with minimal adjustment and resources.

What we mean by a youth-worker is any person who is working directly with young people between the ages of 17-30 years old, either if they are peers, volunteers, teachers, trainers, mentors, coaches, educators, youth leaders and why not, even parents, regardless of their experience or education. If you see yourself in this description, this project is about you. If you know someone who fits into it, then send them this article, it will be added value to them.

Another way that the project will accomplish its aim is through a three phase training process, in which 24 youth-workers from the four countries will first go through two trainings where they come together and develop their competencies of working with non-formal methods in the mental health field. After that they will implement a Mobility of Youth in which they will share and put in practice what they have learned by creating an experience rooted in the Emotional Resilience model they have trained in for 24 youth coming from their communities.

Among the results of this project are:

* 24 youth-workers will be trained to gain professional competencies to work with youth through non-formal methods in mental health
* 200 youth workers from the four countries will participate in the multiplier events carried in this project
* 24 youth will participate in a youth mobility and will gain emotional resilience and mental health competencies that will offer them a more stable, active, socially engaged, empowered life.
* A handbook of Emotional Resilience containing non-formal methods, activities and tools to develop and improve mental health competencies in youth
* An interactive Learning Platform that will offer youth-workers and youth a space for learning on the Emotional Resilience topics and of sharing relevant mental health resources

More than 100 youth-workers reached through dissemination events with whom we will share the results of our work directly.>/p>

We invite you to connect with the project through our social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and stay tuned for more updates and news.

For more information about the project you can contact us, writing to activament@activament.org.

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