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alcohol per ofegar les penes

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I think there is a certain prevailing idea that cannabis and other toxins are not of great importance to our health. Alcohol is consumed on a regular basis by millions of people. And despite all the publicity campaigns, people smoke tobacco with joy.

Many do not like what I will say, but hashish, marijuana and alcohol are not precisely harmless.

The consumption of hashish was one of the main reasons for leaving school. Cannabis use in adolescence makes you lose memory in the short term. I did not remember anything. It even caused me problems at work, because I did not remember the orders I had to give the computer. I had just started to work because the studies were not going well. Although I did the same tasks many times a day, I did not remember them.

If you are a teenager and drink a lot of alcohol, your personality does not develop as it should. Instead of finding strategies to solve the problems that appear in the process of becoming an adult, you look for solutions in alcohol and then you do not develop the skills you need.

Alcohol is a hard drug. I, with more years, began to consume alcohol in quantity. For starters, it makes you dumber, because alcohol burns neurons. But then it turns out that you cannot perform any activity normally. You may lose your job or have relationship issues. To get the same effect you need to consume more. In addition, alcohol is a central nervous system depressant. Not only are you not happy but you become depressed.

And if you add mental problems, you have an explosive cocktail. Your life dismounts much faster than you have ridden it. At least I’m a person who does not get aggressive because drinking alcohol, as happens to a lot of people. And I do not drive. It is normal that in many traffic accidents alcohol is involved. If you have mental problems, consume alcohol and at the same time take medication, your mind is chaos.

And then to recover from this whole affair, it takes months or years of effort. Being more or less normal, after my last outbreak, cost me more than two years. Two years of depression and anxiety, and sometimes living in a rather terrifying parallel universe. Although I took medication, and a lot, I continued to rave at times. And I’m not sure if I’ve fully recovered from that outbreak. I get lost in my mind too easily.

I prefer not to talk about tobacco because it costs me my life.

And the point is, that despite all our problems, we can have a certain quality of life. Emotional life does not have to be roller coasters. I do not say that it is easy, but the consumption of poisons worsens the problems, does not relieve them.

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