Art as a tool in recovery

Art i Salut Mental

Illustration © Francesc de Diego

       Hello, my name is Francesc and I write the following text to try to convey how  the positive dynamics in the recovery, especially the illustration and the graphic arts in general, help.

       It is true that after difficult situations experienced because of the discomfort caused by a mental illness, the fact of being able to express oneself, of not leaving within oneself that uneasiness, that pile of sensations, is of great help. There can be many ways. Some important ones to consider would be: writing, photography, theater, etc. In my case, the main one is drawing and painting.

       I can say that the fact of shaping the sensations experienced helps a lot not only to remove these ghosts in some way but, in fact, to be able to look at them, observe them and also, why not, so that other people can better understand what we have experienced . Sometimes it is difficult to make sense of what happens to us and to see it reflected at a more artistic level can lead to understanding and social inclusion. Often, if certain situations and circumstances are not understood, it is easy to be rejected and marked. Even by oneself.

       In my case, one of the most interesting things to be able to portray in multiple drawings what I have experienced is that there comes a time when I somehow get rid of myself and leave aside many annoying and stormy things. Likewise, to be able to carry out other more constructive, perhaps pleasant, and even precious, pictorial projects, it teaches that there is not only discomfort, but also a positive world to show that until then it was apart, eclipsed by difficult situations. You see so much you have to offer and bring.

       Someone may believe that he or she does not have the courage or the talent. But if you find the right way to express yourself – like the graphic arts in my case – you can work it out and carry out a lot of tasks that might otherwise seem overly complicated. In fact, despite the mythical inspiration, if something can make you better and progress in the task (artistic) performed is constancy.

       In a good recovery, it is good to remember, it helps everything that can be constructive. Healthy meals, the right sport, being with the people who really support you and, why not, who to support if they need you. And the daily work of trying to improve, perhaps with small but steady steps.

Francesc de Diego

Note: Francesc de Diego Fuertes, a plastic artist, is the author of the books Esquizofrenia Gráfica and Imágenes, 1st Prize Winner in the 5th edition of the FCCSM Xarxart Prize

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