Denying the problems

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My mother’s memory is going away. And if he is told, he gets angry. He is many years old, but he thinks his mind is as fresh as when he was twenty. My mother denies obvious symptoms. Among other things, because he spends the day looking for objects that he does not remember where he left them.

People with mental health problems often act in the same way. And sometimes in a much more serious way. People with a schizophrenia disorder, for example, believe that what happens in our mind is real. And if we see that it is a delusion, we look for the strangest ideas to continue believing in it. Thus, we can think: “I hear voices in my head because somebody has installed a microchip inside my skull”. We do not go here to consider whether listening to voices is always pathological (15% of people listen to voices sometimes).

The point is that we realize that we have irrational ideas or erroneous beliefs in a psychotic outbreak. But we seek justifications. We are bewildered by what we have in mind. For example: “on television they talk about me because I know information that could change the destiny of humanity”. Many do not want to accept the problems. This is especially important for people who have little experience with their disorder.

It is normal in a phase of euphoria of bipolar disorder that the sick person has a subjective sensation of, in addition to euphoria, well-being. A sense of security and clarity of ideas that it is very difficult that who feels it can consider it problematic.

It is very difficult in this situation to find solutions to problems. We refuse to treat ourselves and the problem grows and grows, both for us and for our families.

All these things are called the Syndromes of Self-consciousness. We neither know nor want to know that we are wrong. I lived it on my own skin because my delusions for me were very real. And the mixture of delirium and euphoria formed an explosive combination. Why go to the psychiatrist if what happens in my head is perfectly logical? Does the psychiatrist know what’s happening?

And as I say, it is a difficult matter to solve. But when we see that we have ideas too fantastic to be real, let’s try to talk to others or a professional of our thoughts. Contrasting with another person can make us see that we have lost sight of reality. And we can cut a series of irrational thoughts. And then we can get help as soon as possible. And it is better to act on the situation before it becomes too important.

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