False Accusations

Illustration © Sergi Balfegó

We, the people with mental disorders, are tired that every time a person acts in a violent or irrational way it is attributed to a mental illness.

Society does not want to accept that many people are simply bad. Anger, hatred and sadism exist. And they have nothing to do with mental illness. Quite simply, there are people who do not have the necessary values, ​​or they have them but consider their own interests more important. There are people who enjoy doing evil. They have always existed and will probably always exist.

The fact that some lawyers in order to gain advantages for their clients plead a supposed mental illness actually hurts us, the people who do have a mental illness.  Many people would be surprised by just how peaceful the places frequented by us are.

Unfortunately, there are psychiatrists who will play the same game as the lawyers. People, who have not yet become aware of the existence of stigma. The fact that we can demonstrate that people with mental illness are neither violent nor unpredictable, does not seem to matter to people who make a living from morbidity. People who want notoriety at any cost.

Recently, a forensic psychiatrist on television proclaimed that a murderer was a sick man. They gave no reason. They simply said, “he’s a sick man, he’s a sick man.” And I suppose he considered himself the right person to say it.  In this way they will get invited back as a TV pundit. This kind of behavior is embarrassing.

We come across people who, in order to create debate, make TV programmes or sell newspapers, rouse people’s most basic instincts. There’s a morbid fascination to pick over every detail of a crime and look at it from every angle.

Aggression is part of human history. It’s not about being crazy. For example, it is a fact that we live in a macho culture. Many men, when they have done wrong to a woman, think: “She must have done something.” And the aggressor is a man just the same, who, on many occasions, believes that the woman is his property and he can do whatever he wants to her. “I killed her because she was mine.” It is something that is part of many cultures of the world. They are not insane. They are simply culturally indoctrinated. It is the survival of the fittest. To accuse these people of insanity is foolishness.

‘Is the Pope crazy when he does not let women be priests? Or the fanatical Muslims who do not let a woman drive or go to school? For these things lead to women being considered an inferior being.

I guess it will be many years before many people accept the dark side of humanity.  We will fight to make it as soon as possible.

Felix Rozey

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