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Illustration © Sergi Balfegó

It is important that people with mental health disorders behave in ways that make us feel better. The solution to our problems is not just medication. Medication may sometimes be very important. It may even be essential. But if we want to feel at our best, we need to make the most of all our resources.

Carrying out a satisfying activity that makes us feel good, like a job, studying or volunteering, is important as well as building social relationships that mean something.

However, first of all we should look after ourselves. I believe that we must lead a structured life, exercise and quit our addictions in order to take control of our lives. Many of us struggle with simple habits like having a shower or brushing our teeth. I know people whose psychologists are constantly reminding them to shower. Although these people already know they should, they still seem unable to do so.

For this reason, I believe it is important to follow some sort of pleasant routine. We should do things we enjoy and make us feel good about ourselves, and we should force ourselves to do things we don’t really like doing but that need to be done. Discipline is a word that gets a very bad press, but I reckon it is necessary to make us feel better. Just things like going to therapy, or going to bed at the same time every night.

I actually struggle with the latter. I sometimes spend a whole night awake and then it takes me three more nights to go back to a normal rhythm. When I am sleepless, I am more prone to having self-referred delirious thoughts.

But as it commonly said, and above everything, never give up!

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